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This team is dedicated to the memory of a very brave man, my husband, Greg Jungeblut.  Greg battled Glioblastoma for almost 2 1/2 years before leaving us for Heaven on July 3rd, 2009.  Since that time our family has dedicated our hearts and our efforts to raise money for brain cancer research.  Our team mission is "Fighting to Make a Difference".  We desire to honor Greg's life by helping those diagnosed after us have a better chance of surviving this monster. 
In 7 years our team has raised over $200K towards this goal of helping to fund cutting edge research.  Thank you for joining your hearts with ours in achieving this mission.  Every dollar raised goes directly to the lab.  Every dollar donated makes a difference.
Thank  you,
The Jungebluts

The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation was founded in 2002 in memory of Dr. Marnie Rose, a 28-year-old pediatric resident who passed away from what is considered one of the deadliest of human cancers, a glioblastoma (or GBM). The mission of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation is to eradicate brain cancer through the funding of research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and to better the lives of the brave young patients at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital who were so dear to Marnie's heart.

Donor Roll

Julie K. | Donated $25.00
Vic And Karen P. | Donated $250.00
Shell Oil Company F. | Donated $250.00
marching gift for B. Ben
John and Lee S. | Donated $300.00
Judy and Dennis F. | Donated $400.00
Hal and Julie L. | Donated $100.00
Carolyn H. | Donated $25.00
Matt and Robbi C. | Donated $100.00
Michelle and Keith T. | Donated $30.00
Jason and Jessica B. | Donated $60.00
Merlin and Paul C. | Donated $75.00
David and Amanda S. | Donated $75.00
Maureen and Rich A. | Donated $100.00
Ann C. | Donated $100.00
Elizabeth J. | Donated $150.00
Joe and Kelly S. | Donated $200.00
Sue L. | Donated $150.00
Laura J. | Donated $970.00
Laura J. | Donated $900.00
Julia C. | Donated $100.00
Joyce J. | Donated $50.00
Alice S. | Donated $500.00
In memory of our sweet Greg. We miss him everyday.
Bill and Wendy Q. | Donated $100.00
Best wishes for a successful 2017 fundraising campaign!
Allison K. | Donated $100.00
Sending you warm wishes for your team to reach its goal and for honoring Greg. XO
Greg and Alana H. | Donated $200.00
Dan R. | Donated $250.00
Nancy Louise N. | Donated $100.00
Remembering Greg by donating to brain cancer research is a beautiful way to honor his memory and his commitment to always being available to others in need. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in your annual tribute and celebration of Greg's spirit and legacy.
Katie and Philip J. | Donated $100.00
Angie B. | Donated $100.00
Anonymous | Donated $50.00
Laura, Our prayers for those needing this funding, those who have benefitted from it, and those whose untiring work continues to be felt. Cindy Lawson
Michael M. | Donated $500.00
Brenda H. | Donated $50.00
Lisa J. | Donated $50.00
I will be with you guys in spirit!!
Patricia L. | Donated $250.00
Laura and Family, we will miss seeing you this weekend but all of you and Greg will be in our thoughts and prayers for a wonderful day! The Letsos Family
Debbie C. | Donated $150.00
Mike H. | Donated $300.00
Audrey B. | Donated $100.00
Kanon C. | Donated $40.00
Wish we could be there to celebrate Greg's life. Thinking of you all.
Greg & Liz B. | Donated $100.00
Marie T. | Donated $50.00
Jan G. | Donated $100.00
ellen h. | Donated $25.00
God Bless you and your family!
Ellen K. | Donated $50.00
Praying for a cure. So sorry I couldn't be there this weekend.
Cheryl A. | Donated $100.00
Praying for a cure!
Richard B. | Donated $150.00
Shannon T. | Donated $50.00
Archie and Stephanie M. | Donated $200.00
Team Jungeblut
Jes and John H. | Donated $1,000.00
Donald L. | Donated $50.00
Libby S. | Donated $150.00
Maggie & David C. | Donated $50.00
Judy M. | Donated $100.00
Judy and Bob M. | Donated $250.00
Ann T. | Donated $100.00
Courtney B. | Donated $50.00
Michelle and Glen S. | Donated $500.00
Kevin & Lisa P. | Donated $50.00
Anonymous | Donated $100.00
Katie D. | Donated $100.00
Robin D. | Donated $100.00
Kyle A. | Donated $100.00
Becky S. | Donated $500.00
Love being a part of his fabulous effort.
Linda S. | Donated $250.00
Julie H. | Donated $100.00
With great hope and much love! Julie & Walt
Anonymous | Donated $1,000.00
Sherry & Jim V. | Donated $100.00
Continuing the fight!
Bridget T. | Donated $100.00
Always praying for you, your family and a cure, my sweet friend. With love, The Tissue family
Rose S. | Donated $300.00
Anonymous | Donated $100.00
Ann B. | Donated $50.00
In loving memory of Greg Jungeblut and Chris Sangster.
Gerry M. | Donated $500.00
Charles & Sue A. | Donated $2,500.00
Good luck!!
Ben B. | Donated $250.00
Ben Brown - sorry we will miss the event. Have fun and always remembering Greg. Love Ben and Barbara
Alice N. | Donated $50.00
Mark H. | Donated $100.00
Michelle & Keith T. | Donated $250.00
We love supporting you & your family in this event!
Scott and Nancy L. | Donated $100.00
Conlee A. | Donated $50.00
Jerry and Margaret T. | Donated $150.00
Herman S. | Donated $100.00
Matching gift for Jodie Holstien
Judith A. | Donated $500.00
Andrews Foundation
roger and judy r. | Donated $100.00
We can't be at the party but we do want to help you remember Greg.
David & Pat P. | Donated $500.00
steve l. | Donated $100.00
Remembering Greg
Thomas H. | Donated $50.00
I think it is wonderful that Team Jungeblut does this ever year! Go, Team, Go! A great tribute to a great, kind, wonderful friend, man, husband and father.
Quentin S. | Donated $100.00
Thanks so much for your participation in such a great cause !!!
Robert H. | Donated $100.00
Be at peace, Bob Hesse
Sunni H. | Donated $75.00
In memory of Greg
Judy S. | Donated $100.00
Joe R. | Donated $150.00
Kay M. | Donated $1,000.00
Tri-County A/C and Heating, Inc.
Kathy & Jim H. | Donated $100.00
Danny A. | Donated $500.00
Remembering Greg and blessing your family with this gift.
Mary R. | Donated $50.00
Kerry & Rick K. | Donated $250.00
Look forward to celebrating Greg and this great cause!!
Jodie and Jeff H. | Donated $100.00
Terry K. | Donated $50.00
Walter B. | Donated $100.00
Laura - Great luck with Greg's campaign. Love ya, Walter
Laura J. | Donated $2,500.00