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The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation was founded in 2002 in memory of Dr. Marnie Rose, a 28-year-old pediatric resident who passed away from what is considered one of the deadliest of human cancers, a glioblastoma (or GBM). The mission of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation is to eradicate brain cancer through the funding of research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and to better the lives of the brave young patients at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital who were so dear to Marnie's heart.


Donor Roll

James A. | Donated $1,000.00
Michele J. | Donated $50.00
Roy M. | Donated $50.00
Deb R. | Donated $100.00
Team Murf
Frances E. | Donated $200.00
Team Murf
Christine W. | Donated $25.00
Anonymous | Donated $250.00
Jerry H. B. | Donated $100.00
Jerry H. Borcherding supports TeamMurf
Stacy & Justin G. | Donated $250.00
Chris W. | Donated $250.00
Gary R. | Donated $1,000.00
Hope it all goes well, Joni and Gary Raba
Fara F. | Donated $100.00
Always thinking of Elizabeth, and of all of the Murfees. I miss you all and wish I wasn't so far away and could participate. Know that I am always there in spirit at the races and thinking of you all. xo
Christine C. | Donated $100.00
Team Murf
Kay W. | Donated $200.00
Doyle W. | Donated $250.00
Ken M. | Donated $100.00
Susan K. | Donated $25.00
Pete P. | Donated $1,000.00
Jessica K. | Donated $50.00
Sorry we can not make the race this year.
Bret W. | Donated $100.00
Judy M. | Donated $250.00
Jay K. | Donated $100.00
Go Team Murf!
Kay M. | Donated $100.00
Mandy H. | Donated $100.00
Love the Hoods - sorry we can't be there this year!
Shelly and Grant R. | Donated $250.00
Team Murf
Mary C. | Donated $25.00
Amanda G. | Donated $25.00
Jema T. | Donated $100.00
In honor of my dear friend Elizabeth and her sweet family
Pete P. | Donated $100.00
Tony S. | Donated $100.00
Great Race ! Awesome Family
Joan S. | Donated $100.00
Steve P. | Donated $250.00
Bill S. | Donated $1,000.00
To the Murfees and the Gibsons: Thank you for continuing this tribute to Elizabeth and this opportunity to contribute to ways to solve problems that should have a solution. Yet again, I have stoopudlee scheduled something out of town that will make my running--er, walking-- in the race impossible. But thanks for the invitation, and keep 'em coming-- one of these days, really, I will show up. Bill Stutts
Mary & Jim S. | Donated $100.00
Joe B. | Donated $250.00
Patsy and Skip S. | Donated $25.00
Best of luck to all of the Team Murf participants!
Leah V. | Donated $50.00
Love Y'all!
James A. | Donated $100.00
Connie and Joe M. | Donated $50.00
I wish I could be there but will be thinking of everyone. My donation is to support Patty Murfee and Team Murf.
Ann B. | Donated $50.00
Team Murf
Staci H. | Donated $50.00
Erin W. | Donated $50.00
Courtney D. | Donated $25.00
Anonymous | Donated $100.00
Sandra S. | Donated $50.00
Michael W. | Donated $150.00
Melinda S G. | Donated $150.00
Team Murf
Sue L. | Donated $250.00
rebecca h. | Donated $250.00
Anonymous | Donated $50.00
Allison and Patrick L. | Donated $25.00
Laura C. | Donated $150.00
Kathryn G. | Donated $1,000.00